<![endif]–>Those possessing the entrepreneurial spirit, know after all the demanding time and hard work of building a business from the ground up; there is nothing more rewarding than opening the doors for business and announcing to the world “WE’RE OPEN!”

A grand opening should be inviting, engaging and enticing. A local frozen yogurt shop kicked off its  activity packed, week-long promotion with a welcoming store and parking lot event. On the first day of the celebration, snow-white carpet dressed the storefront’s entrance creating a  reception area with white market umbrellas shading;  slick, white spandex  truss towers, and lime green cocktail tables giving the store an eye catching presence from the street.

With over 10 flavors and 20 toppings, guests lined up to receive their free cup and a chance to create their own unique mix of yogurt and fun toppings.

The brand’s use of clean white negative space in their branding made white lounge furniture and spandex coffee tables a must for guests to relax on and take in the store’s seating area. The furniture groupings offered an inviting and relaxing place for guests to enjoy their unique frozen yogurt creations.

Celebrations don’t always mean birthday parties, and weddings. Next time you have a promotion/celebration and want pique everyone’s interest into thinking “hey, what’s going on over there?” let us help you bring your branding from a whisper to a SHOUT!


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