So, you’ve been dreaming about your big day and haven’t really thought about the preparation, management, logistics and crisis management involved. This isn’t really what you want to think about when planning your special day, right? Did you know that the job position of event planner was listed as one of the top 5 most stressful jobs in 2014? With an event planner, your event can be everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more and you may actually get to enjoy it!. A planner is a professional who will help you manage everything involved in planning your special event. From proper etiquette, to location, vendors, time line, and all other details, an event planner has the experience and contacts needed to make your day as perfect as possible. Here are top ten reasons why you should hire an event planner.

1. Your time is valuable and an event planner will keep you organized.

It takes many hours to plan an event or wedding. It’s easy at first, booking the major vendors, but as the big gets closer, many details may start to come up along with the stress level. A planner will have an initial meeting to determine your requirements, style and needs. We are all busy and it’s like having your own personal assistant to help keep you focused and organized during your planning process.

2. Event planners have strong vendor relationships and know the industry.

Most good event planners have a long list of valuable contacts and can usually get good deals. A good event planner will know which vendors are right for you and fit within your tastes and budget.

3. Stay on or under budget and save money

An event planner can help create, organize, and manage your budget. With years of experience, planners know what things should cost as well as the differences in value. Your time is valuable! A planner will save you time planning your big day. A planner will be the one taking the time to shop around to find you the best prices and save you money on your overall budget.

4. Lessens and minimizes stress

If you are easily stressed, hiring a planner is the best option for you. This planner will be coordinating all of the logistics and will be on top of all details, have scheduled meetings planned out and make sure everything for your event runs smoothly.

5. Planners always have backup plans.

If your florist is late or your cake is delivered to the wrong venue, your event planner will take care of it and you won’t know until after your event. This ensures, you enjoy every moment and are stress free during your big day.

6. Stay organized

An event planer will help plan your day by developing a list and itinerary listing out your needs. This itinerary  will be coordinated with all your vendors on the day of the wedding. Your planner will ensure that all of the vendors are working and flowing together.

7. Knowledgeable and experienced

Planners know what to look out for and are pros at knowing about protocols, etiquette and contract negotiations. An experienced planner knows exactly how to handle each vendor and does so with ease.

8. Your venue coordinator and Maid of Honor are not your planner

Be careful not to be tricked into thinking that your venue coordinator will be your one stop shop when it comes to running your big day smoothly. They are usually only concerned with the food service but not how the venders are all working together. Likewise, what will your Maid of Honor do when it gets out of control? Will your friend be accountable for mistakes made? What if a vendor doesn’t show up? WIll your friend have the necessary contacts on hand?

9. Liability

You can blame everything on your planner. Whether if something goes wrong or if you don’t want someone in your family singing their embarrassing song. A planner is educated and will help you with your vendors and make sure you are protected.

10. Enjoying the event

When you have an event planner, you can not only enjoy the process of the planning but also enjoy the event. Let the planner do all of the stressing! Besides, that’s what they love to do!

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