While less traditional than a modern, polished and shiny wedding, a rustic chic theme adds nostalgic chimera of country weddings past. Going this route gives the planner (whether it be the happy couple or a coordinator) the fun DIY  task of perusing boutiques, craft and antique stores for aged decor and accessories for their big day.

This hillside wedding went the homespun route not for the fun of the money saving do it yourself part, but because they were fortunate enough to have access to a venue already themed as such. A quaint community of homes on  a local hillside shared a communal grassy meadow already decorated with dream come true country style furnishing; items that production companies rent for big bucks, this couple hit a homerun.

The couple’s ceremony was held right smack in front of the glade’s scenic view of the valley below. Lined in rows in front of the a rural wrought iron wedding arch draped with weeping willow branches were fruitwood folding padded chairs with reclaimed china used as ‘reserved’ signs.

The wining and dining was held off to the side of the ceremony area. Guests dined at round garden tables donning a complimenting blue/pastel blue dotted linens and white, tulip-backed bistro chairs. Rustic furniture accents dotting the event included an old mail box, an old wooden outhouse (the one with the little moon shape on the door), and the bar was fashioned out of a aged turquoise workbench. The head table was a weathered country dining table with spindled and coved legs and tufted padded antique chairs.

The 1950’s inspired pastel blue scheme on the tables and aged turquoise furniture decor paired well with the mid century black and white checkered dance floor

If you’re lucky enough to have a private venue a friend or family member can lend you to use save; some bucks and use it! And if that venue happens to be decorated with this one of this season’s popular themes, tell anyone who asks, that  was EXACTLY why you chose the place.

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