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[one_half_first][dropcap]A black and white ballroom dance themed event in a Chino backyard took place under a canopy with sidewalls and a custom fabricated clear-top, which gave guests a view of the lovely night sky while shielding them from the cold March evening and, coincidentally, sheltered them from unexpected showers later that night. Complimenting the tent were striking silver and black Chinese lanterns and twinkle-light lined sheer swagging draping elegantly from the corners.Over time rental equipment undergoes wear and tear. During the setup of this particular event this repeat-client noticed slight yellowing and hazing of the clear top. [/dropcap][/one_half_first]

[one_half]With the use of an in-house custom fabrication shop, a brand new top was created and replaced well before the event began. In the rental industry “you get what you pay for” can put your event at risk by taking a chance with a sub-par business, and they’re out there. The last thing you need when hosting a party is a delivery truck to show up at your place with worn and torn event equipment. Rent equipment that is clean, and in good condition. Work with a company that keeps a clean and up-to-date inventory.[/one_half]



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