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We were thrilled to be a part a fabulous gala event at a venue in north Los Angeles. The circus themed event deemed “The Greatest Show On Earth” featured songs and dance routines as well as circus performers.

We helped out by providing the tent and all equipment used underneath. Three 30′ x 105′ wide Pagoda tents formed the “Big Top” where the events fundraising silent auction and cocktail hour took place. Guests mingled amongst the tables of auction items and socialized while stilt walking jugglers, a ribbon dancer and a strong man entertained with their tricks and acts.

Afterwards, attendees moved into the dining and show area. A Red Velon Circus Swag with Bistro lights hung from the center of the venues 50 foot ceiling and draped all the way to the floor where it was meet with Red LED Uplighting. Seat consisted of 60″ Round Tables, dressed with Gold Pintuck and Red Nova linens and napkins. Place settings included Kent Flatware and Perception Stemware and Black Chiavari Chairs provided seating.

Dodgy weather throughout the whole day cleared up just for the event. Despite the evening chill, guests were glad the rain had stopped, as some had flown thousands of miles to attend.

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When you have an event site with a million dollar view and A-list celebrities on the guest list, who’s going to let mud, wind and frigid rain get in the way of the tent installation? The team from A1 Party Rental didn’t, and forged ahead in March to install an 80-by-125-foot clear span structure on a vacant hilltop mesa in Beverly Hills for Fame and Philanthropy, a charity fundraiser tied to the 2014 Academy Awards. Perched on a 14,000-square-foot subfloor, the installation comprised 24,700 square feet of tenting, which included the big VIP tent along with press and other auxiliary tents, lounge decks, and 14,400 square feet of silver satin tent lining. When the crew showed up on Day 3 of installation to find that overnight rain and wind had caused the staking of one tent to lift, the A1 team brought in 1,800-pound cement blocks from its warehouse to secure the tent. And the gala managed to secure $1 million on party night to benefit charitable organizations around the world.

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Folk and Bluegrass fans from near and far gathered at a local festival to enjoy great food and live music this past weekend at a local recreation facility. A1 Party Provided Pagoda Tenting for guests, backstage, VIP areas and the beer gardens. Rattan Furniture gave guests comfortable seating and our in-house designed X Line Bars went great with the rustic country theme.

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A local venue hosted an award luncheon under one of our flagship clear span structures.  An 100′ x 115′ White Structure was erected and drapped with a silver satin liner . Beautiful wicker and flower chandeliers were hung from the structure’s frame. below, seating for 228 guests. Mahogany Chiavari Chairs, White Nova Tabledrapes, Grape Napkins, and Kent Silverware; along with a coordinated centerpiece made up the table-scape.4′ x 8′ Natural Wood Lattice Panels were used as a buffet backdrop which flowers were hung from.

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Springtime outdoor sports events are great for all ages horse races are fun for all ages! But the higher than usual temperatures have made long stints in the sun will leave event goers, at the very least, sweaty and uncomfortable. In preparation for a large crowd out in the sun, the beer garden, which consisted of two long rows of Pagoda tents, we installed over 50 tables and umbrellas to provide patrons with plenty of shade. Haystack benches and picnic tables added to the events equestrian atmosphere. The events VIP area was set next to the beer garden on the other side of a performance stage. Two 30′ x 30′ Pagodas provided shade for guests to relax on white assorted white lounge furniture.

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One week after the Rose Bowl, the Bowl Series Championship game took place in the same location, Rose Bowl Stadium, Pasadena. In just three days time, we were tasked with providing seating, tenting, crowd control, and catering equipment to accommodate over 15,000 alumni for both Aburn University and Florida State University. Our in house design team worked right up to game day making last minute changes on banners and signage.

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Installation of the alumni tailgates for the 2014 Rose Bowl game went off without a hitch! Every year the game’s two schools host alumni tailgate festivals on the greens of the stadiums adjoining country club, Brookside.
Last year’s unfavorable rain and wind created a muddy mess, making installation slow and difficult. This year’s warm winter weather kept the ground dry and solid.

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Keeping the sun off of guests is not the sole purpose of tenting an event. It gives the framework to create a unique event area. A made-to-order 80’x120’ clear structure was the backbone of an annual cocktail party in a spacious yard in Beverly Hills. The clear structure gave guests a view of the yard’s beautiful landscaping and the mansion’s Gothic Revival architecture. Decorators incorporated the yard’s splendor by hanging decorative Willow garlands and Velon draping with twinkle lights creating a midsummer’s dreamlike atmosphere. Furniture and other hanging décor gave the event an Arabian Nights feel. A unique view that part- goers most likely missed was from the outside, where the custom lights and décor from the inside could be seen through the structure’s clear walls and ceiling, making it look like a glowing, neon jellyfish.

Normally, this type of install requires heavy machinery to complete. However,  the confines of the yard required the structure’s construction crew to use pulleys anchored to the mansion and a lot of elbow grease. The estate’s pool and grotto area was also covered and decorated for the party, bringing the square footage of the backyard tent set-up to a grand total of over 16,800 square feet.

Decorating events is all about transformation. Creating an environment that alters the everyday look and feel of an area will leave lasting impressions with every guest. Any size, any occasion, any time, visit a1partyrental.com or call our showroom in Covina, Ca at 1-866.217-2789 to find out how we can help you celebrate with style.

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Another year at the off road racing series brings A1’s sports hospitality services back to the track with a more cushy setup! This year fans in the VIP areas atop the grandstands and track side enjoyed the races on our popular white lounge pieces. Under the canopies, guests viewed a live feed of the race from networked HDTV’s provided by A1 Party. In case you’re curious, included are photos from last year’s setup.

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A hillside homeowner recently requested a festive canopy for a loved one’s backyard birthday celebration. One of our talented event directors suggested a clear top with swagging and our 3 tier crystal chandelier. As the sun set, the purple sheer material picked up more and more of the LED Par Can’s purple up lighting.  Below are some shots of the decor during and right after sunset. Note beautiful silhouettes cast by the treetops against the fading sunset.

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A lovely dinner party was hosted this past weekend under a translucent 30’x30 clear top tent. Sidewall kept the slight evening chill at bay while a warm color scheme of gold and cream dressed the event. 6 72″ tables were dressed in custom swirl linens and accompanied by gold resin Chiavari chairs and ivory cushions. Our crystal stemware, and subtly gold finish gold flatware were used in the table design, very nice pieces if you’re dressing to impress. White flower blossoms accented the light pink napkins and were incorporated into each table’s centerpiece; consisting of gold square water basins with floating tea lights and additional blossoms. The dining vignette remained unoccupied until dinner, giving time for the sun to set and the swirl projection patterns to emerge and add a dramatic element to the entire design.

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What’s one of the best things about music festivals aside from the live entertainment on stage? All the cool decorations, props, custom furniture that transforms an ordinary field or park into a unique event atmosphere.

Vendors, sponsors and producers used tenting and custom structures for all their activities and operations, from merchandising and VIP viewing areas to media and catering tents.

MiO, trucked in their custom structures which stood watch over the crowd throughout the event. Five and eight foot light up bars emblazoned with MiO graphics, custom made right here in Covina, were used throughout MiO’s structure areas, VIP tent’s and MiO sampling and merchandise stations. Production Designer Stefan Beese of REBE Design was the creative behind the entire festival’s design and layout including all architectural creations, VIP lounge layouts, signage and motion graphics, and lighting.

VIP viewing tents provided guests drink and snack areas with a live feed of the concert streaming to HDTV’s mounted on the walls. The VIP lounge areas offered the same, but with soft furniture, complimentary hot catered food and an open bar, which kept the tent packed.

For those not old enough to indulge, the MiO bars provided refreshments for all ages. Next to their double-decker structure, where visitors could get an elevated view of the festival; was a 360° wrap-around light up bar, 12 feet on each side below a unique digital chandelier.

Production Designer Stefan Beese of REBE Design was the creative behind the entire festival’s design and layout including all architectural creations, VIP and Corporate lounge setups, festival signage graphics and motion graphics, and lighting.

Music festivals can be some of the most dramatic venue transformations. A venue can go from a bare grass field, to a booming entertainment compound, and back to a field, leaving no trace of night before.


                                                                                                                                                                                   Event Design By Production Designer Stefan Beese of REBE Design

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In a effort to promote the upcoming baseball season and to rally the fans for an exciting year under new ownership, the Dodgers invited fans to the first Fanfest of the year. Over 20,000 excited fans attended for the festivities and autograph opportunities.

Parking lot 6 was converted into a Fanfest village where guests could enjoy food, games, entertainment and an opportunity to score an autograph from their favorite players. A grandiose, 24’x520′ blue carpet entrance and branded truss arches greeted fans as they entered the village. The sponsors and vendors had their booths eager to hand out goodies to the fans.

Tenting housed the autograph areas, a pop up museum of the Dodger’s private collection, and games and activity areas. Fans were able to enjoy Dodger Dog’s from the food tent and enjoy them on Dodger blue tables. Games and giveaways were available at Fox’s Prime Ticket truss booth. The Coors Light tent housed their branded bars, a photo booth and free tastings of their newest products.

Despite the early morning rain,  the clouds cleared up just in time for the event to start.

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Tradeshows and conventions are a big part of any hotel’s business and a great source of revenue; so the more the better, right?

A local hotel/tradeshow venue needed a dedicated banquet hall to satisfy its client’s dining needs during a 3 day tradeshow. The hotel needed a temporary solution.

The A1 Party Tent Division constructed a 40′ x 240′ frame tent adjacent to the venue’s convention center. A firm, comfortable sub-floor was installed beneath the tent to avoid any trip hazards from parking lot beneath. White sidewall with French windows added a perfect combination of privacy, insulation, and daytime lighting; double glass doors at all entrances gave the tent a more permanent feel.  HVAC units provided heating during the chilly morning and evening weather.

Furnishing the tent’s inside gave it the temporary hall a truly permanent feel. Tables and banquet chairs were brought in for dining and a stage and dance floor was installed for the event’s celebration.
LED Par Cans uplit all the walls and washed the ceiling. Adding ballroom elegance to the hall were five 6-foot, 3-tiered Platinum Crystal Chandeliers. These intricate lighting fixtures sparkled and glistened amidst the vibrant wash lighting. The convenience of the tents proximity to the venue and the stable, sturdy flooring allowed the venue’s catering team were able to smoothly roll their bars, service carts, and all the serving equipment and china in a proficient manner.

Do you have an ideal convention/tradeshow facility but need just a teenie bit more room to entice clients to hold their functions at your venue? We can install a mobile facility for an extended amount of time just like this one, or bigger!

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