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It’s Super Bowl Time!

Hosting a Game Day Party? Keep all your favorite snacks, from hot wings to hot dogs, piping hot in our chafing dishes. Make sure all your guests have a seat, we have thousands! Dress your tables and serving areas with your teams colors!

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One week after the Rose Bowl, the Bowl Series Championship game took place in the same location, Rose Bowl Stadium, Pasadena. In just three days time, we were tasked with providing seating, tenting, crowd control, and catering equipment to accommodate over 15,000 alumni for both Aburn University and Florida State University. Our in house design team worked right up to game day making last minute changes on banners and signage.

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Installation of the alumni tailgates for the 2014 Rose Bowl game went off without a hitch! Every year the game’s two schools host alumni tailgate festivals on the greens of the stadiums adjoining country club, Brookside.
Last year’s unfavorable rain and wind created a muddy mess, making installation slow and difficult. This year’s warm winter weather kept the ground dry and solid.

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