Keeping the sun off of guests is not the sole purpose of tenting an event. It gives the framework to create a unique event area. A made-to-order 80’x120’ clear structure was the backbone of an annual cocktail party in a spacious yard in Beverly Hills. The clear structure gave guests a view of the yard’s beautiful landscaping and the mansion’s Gothic Revival architecture. Decorators incorporated the yard’s splendor by hanging decorative Willow garlands and Velon draping with twinkle lights creating a midsummer’s dreamlike atmosphere. Furniture and other hanging décor gave the event an Arabian Nights feel. A unique view that part- goers most likely missed was from the outside, where the custom lights and décor from the inside could be seen through the structure’s clear walls and ceiling, making it look like a glowing, neon jellyfish.

Normally, this type of install requires heavy machinery to complete. However,  the confines of the yard required the structure’s construction crew to use pulleys anchored to the mansion and a lot of elbow grease. The estate’s pool and grotto area was also covered and decorated for the party, bringing the square footage of the backyard tent set-up to a grand total of over 16,800 square feet.

Decorating events is all about transformation. Creating an environment that alters the everyday look and feel of an area will leave lasting impressions with every guest. Any size, any occasion, any time, visit or call our showroom in Covina, Ca at 1-866.217-2789 to find out how we can help you celebrate with style.

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