Last Minute Winds and Attention to Quality

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April 12, 2012


Rene and Chet,

[dropcap]I wanted to take this opportunity to commend Michael Martinez. He is so professional in handing any job that is request of him and is truly an asset to your company. We expected approximately 900 attendees this morning at our annual Swearing-In Ceremony. After the strong winds that occurred last night, we were quite concerned with the condition the tent would be in this morning. Michael had enough foresight to send a crew member last night to check on the tent and had a crew here at 6:00 am this morning. They arrived ready to repair any damage the wind may have caused. If it weren’t for Michael and his crew we would have had major problems with this event, and quite honestly it probably would have been delayed a few hours with such damage. I felt the need to inform you because having people like Michael within your company, is one of foremost reason that I continue to use your services for any events.Thank you, Martha G.[/dropcap]