Attendees to the Covina Chamber of Commerce’s Refined Cuisines of Covina got their foodie on at the South Hills Country Club this past Monday evening. Guests had a chance to get their hands on samples of delectable dishes from some of the local favorite food spots, including the authentic Claro’s Italian Market and Fonda Don Chon’s made-from-scratch Mexican favorites.

A1 designed a serene and welcoming rustic vineyard themed arbor, something you’d imagine atop grassy, rolling hills or on a vantage point overlooking a Napa Valley grape plantation.  Soft burlap-textured and eggplant linens dressed the high table and tan sheer and moss green crush drapery adorned the arbor. Pin tucked Espresso-colored couches and a tan ottoman were on display to alleviate any logy reactions to overindulgence. Vintage, freestanding garden lamps and an ornate iron chandelier gave lighting accents and added to the country feel.

After a visit to the bar, people congregated at the spandex wrapped cocktail tables with much needed shade from market umbrellas amid a very hot afternoon. The tiny but mighty speaker system provided music for the entire event and served as the PA system during the event raffle. It has an iDevice dock and multiple line-in ports to hook up anything with a line-out jack.

A1 made sure it was clear to everyone stopping by the arbor that the design came from A1’s creative team of event directors and  every item in the layout, from floor to ceiling, is part of an inventory of over 5,000 unique items.

In house fabrication capabilities allow A1 to think and operate outside the box. We are not limited to what can be ordered from a catalog. The fabrication shop makes the tents, designs and builds our custom bars and anything else a client requests. They chop and hack up any items in need a little tweaking or complete modifications.

Get in touch with one our event directors to find out what they can build for you.


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