A local client  wanted a festive circus theme for their annual open house.  The event was held in the business’s warehouse and the design plan was to simulate the inside of a circus tent. To achieve this, our team began the installation by running a 40′x80′ cable around the center area of the warehouse.  Vibrant red and white velon was swagged from the warehouse’s truss rafter.  The cable was then draped with material to create the perimeter of the simulated circus tent.  10″ white and red drapery dressed the walls venue’s walls and hid the business’s day to day operations. Entertainers performed on a red skirted 16′x 16′x24″ stage backed with drapery and accented with circus themed props. A Samson P/A system provided audio support. The main entrance to the event was garnished with a full swag of a 8′x10′ tent frame creating a tunnel of red and white fabric.


If your next corporate event calls for fun and whimsical décor, A1 Party can cater to any size venue, indoors or outside.

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