What better way to celebrate a prosperous year than an over the top company holiday party?
A local corporate outfit held their holiday bash in downtown Los Angeles.

The hall design was a festive red, blue and white, winter wonderland-themed faux Oscar Awards Ceremony. A 60 x 40 foot stage with box trussing was erected in the back center of the hall. Lining the hall’s towering walls were 15-foot high silver drapery with LED up lighting.

Setup to accommodate 400 people; the dining tables were accompanied by white and silver chiavari chairs. Dressing the table were silver Nova table linens, blue and red nova napkins, and an ornate floral arrangement. The Nova fabric has a metallic lamour-like sheen.

Multiple lounge groupings  provided ample soft seating for guests to mingle on. Two white 5-piece sectionals were garnished with vibrant blue pillows and set aside them was an ‘S’-curve row of red lounge benches. Two more groupings consisted of tan ultra suede benches dotted with white pillows and set behind white coffee tables. A VIP grouping was set up right in front of the stage; royalty red sofas and phantom coffee tables provided its occupants a front row view of the show. Two faux croc skinned deco benches sat back stage. Cocktail tables wrapped in festive foil red and blue were placed sporadically around the hall for guests to enjoy their libations on. Holiday props, smart motion winter gobos and lighting made the whole event design come alive with movement. An audio visual crew manned multiple cameras feeding two enormous screens set up on each side of the stage. Out front of the hall’s main entrance, a Santa Clause photo op grouping was designed for guests to have their picture taken in.

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