Transforming a backyard into your own personal, one-night event venue gives you and your guests a private and exclusive celebration setting with all the commodities and conveniences of your home.

Guests were greeted with a plethora of delectable treats professionally prepared on square Whittier plates and tiered atop a chrome lazy susan. The first thing guests saw when entering the backyard was a welcoming furniture vignette with a warm and inviting fireplace. Mocha and Espresso couches sat around a portable, propane fueled conversation fireplace and black spandex-wrapped end tables provided area for cocktails and appetizer plates. Amber wash lighting from LED par cans, gave the entire backyard a warm, amber glow; creating a cozy atmosphere on a particularly chilly and gloomy evening.

After the banter and reminiscing of school days past, the group moved over to the dining area. The wooden cabana with sheer draping and grapevine garnishing transformed part of the yard from a well kept lawn into an posh, cozy dining space. Rustic garden lanterns adorned with more grapevine garlands ran the inside sidewalls adding even more to the ambiance.

The event designer went top tier with the chairs, using gold Chiavaris. He paired them with white linen and a burlap overlay; hunter green napkins fanned in the wine glasses. The two buffet stations on either end of the dining table were dressed with complimenting hunter green infinity pattern linens and 8 quart, chrome, roll top chafers. Amongst the gloomy, cold weather, space heaters running the top perimeter of the cabana frame and Empire tabletop fireplaces kept guests snug.

Having the privacy, exclusivity, and stylish furnishings is way more fun and affordable than coordinating an event at venue with a comparable atmosphere and food. What can we help you transform your yard into?

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