Speaking from personal experience, there is nothing more inspiring than having a hardworking, team-oriented staff that truly takes ownership and responsibility for every aspect of the company whether it is “part of their job” or not.

Corporate Christmas parties are one of the best ways celebrate a prosperous year and to show your team  gratitude for all their hard work.

Under a three pole, 80’x160′ pole tent, this festive holiday party played host to 700 hardworking staff members. 70 tables dressed with China Red Swirl linen were accompanied by white Polywood folding chairs. The towering 30 foot high center poles were wrapped and up lit, and strung with twinkle lights, like 3 glowing Yuletide towers. LED Par Cans washed the tent’s contoured ceiling a warm red and “It’s a Wonderful Life” was projected on the ceiling at each end of the tent.

A plethora of food for the large family of employees was set up among wreath decorated catering tables. To accommodate the large party, an adjoining catering tent housed the prep area.

What can we help you do to let your team know you really appreciate all their dedication.

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