One of the best things about the Southern California weather are backyard parties. Except for the coldest months of the winter, the weather is favorable enough for  backyards to accommodate dining, dancing, and cocktail areas through the late hours of the night; and even then, the chill can be cut with a few radiating heaters.
This homeowner’s celebration doubled up the event’s reason to celebrate, making the soiree a birthday party and wedding anniversary. With the late summer Sun setting earlier and earlier,  rich up lighting and wash lighting were accenting the evening’s  venue well before guests arrived.

The yard was partitioned into three areas, dining dancing and lounge/cocktail.

White Polywoods and crisp white linens dressed the dining area. For the centerpieces, the creative host splashed some color on the white setup with Mopani driftwood and vivid Calla Lily creations.  While chandeliers are usually hung from canopy frames, our field crew was able to safely and securely suspend the 3-tiered light fixture on a ghost line fastened to a palm and the home’s second story deck railing; giving the illusion of a floating chandelier above the achromatic dance area.  The chandelier lustrous light fixture cast an awesome shadow evenly in the center of the dance area.

The yard’s main lawn area was transformed into the lounge and cocktail grouping. White couches, white lounge cubes, and white ottoman bars were arranged around matching coffee tables topped with candle vignettes. The whole area was wash lit with a rich blue LED par can. The bar and cocktail tables were grouped atop the patio’s wood awning, and per special request, the homeowner’s own chandelier hung above the bar.

Putting on a memorable event at home has and always will be more fun, more custom, more convenient (for hosts and their guests) and more affordable than a private venue.

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