Clean, shiny tenting can give off two impressions; clean, crisp uniform and elegant, or super plain. Clean and crisp work great for weddings and private parties. But for marketing purposes, a plain white tent only hides and detracts from what’s on the inside.

The client for this job ordered the tent for use at a local golf tournament. Every other vendor at the event had a teenie little standard easy-up at their promotion area. Standing 17 feet tall, the pagoda style Miller tent was up during the entire two day event. It stood fast with sturdy trussing legs,  guylines, and stakes anchoring it against the evening desert wind gusts; conditions which would have blown any smaller canopies off the fairway.  Our client’s presence was head and shoulders above the competition.

Custom-designed logo and graphic tents are the perfect piece of marketing collateral to house your special event setup for mobile marketing, tours and special events. We can design and fabricate attention-getting event canopies emblazoned with corporate logos, custom graphics, and vibrant colors for maximum exposure in the field.

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