This design was inspired by a previous A1 blog post of a Parisian bridal shower
The tranquil pine-canopied lawn was a perfect setting for the dining area. The shade combined with the agreeable weather amidst this summer’s heatstroke couldn’t have come on a better day for our bride.  White drapery sectioned off the area from the rest of the view of the yard making the area grass carpeted banquet room with  a beautiful pine forest canopy.


The tables were dressed with champagne colored , infinity patterned specialty linens with complimenting gold chiavari chairs and ivory cushions.
White sheer swagging beneath picturesque sky intersected at a sparkling, 3-tiered, crystal chandelier shooting refracted colors around the room.

The Tudor style house’s architecture complimented the woodsy ambiance of the backyard. An intimate lounge area was arranged on the home’s back deck where the popular submerged flower accent pieces we’ve seen in previous post garnished the patio’s railings.

Just inside was the sweets buffet, with all the  titillating goodies arranged around the tiered cake. In the parlor a spread of fresh fruit awaited the guests. Fresh strawberries, blackberries and exotic star fruit were on the menu.

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