As the nation’s football season is in full swing, our rainy season is just gearing up. After a heart-stopping  14-week college football season, the Bowl Championship Series’ Selection Sunday announces which teams will compete in the Rose, Fiesta, Sugar, and Orange Bowl games.

The official announcement party takes place annually at the Tournament of Roses House in Pasadena, CA. Fans are invited to the venue to watch the official, televised announcement from the BCS selection committee. Amidst the excitement of the broadcast, rain clouds rolled in and showered the Los Angeles area all day.

In anticipation of the season’s annual dodgy weather, the estate’s front lawn and patio are covered for the event’s reception. A 40’x60′ clear top canopy  with insulating white, sidewall and HVAC on the front lawn and a 10’x35′ canopy with clear sidewall above the front patio kept guests in the main reception areas dry and cozy. Amber and magenta up lighting gave the canopies a colorful accent.

Guests entered the venue through the side of the house. White pagodas covered the carpeted and stanchion and velvet roped sign-in area. The Coke Zero corridor along the tented front patio was equip with branded, black and red corporate furniture. The corridor opened up into the main event area set beneath the clear canopy.

Running the span of the clear top, was a gridiron stenciled Astroturf floor. Atop the playing field flooring, guests enjoyed an intimate sports fan atmosphere. Midfield, bartenders mixed cocktails under the truss-framed bar. One end zone provided lounge seating, a large step and repeat, and  silent auction tables presenting various UCLA and Rose Bowl memorabilia the opposing side provided cocktail tables additional lounge seating and fresh, hot food; from chili and fondue to good old fashioned hot dogs.

A press conference design was set-up inside the estate’s Rose Room for the anticipated announcement. Black polywood folding chairs were arranged in front of the press stage setup with a panel table and the esteemed, chrome Rose Bowl Trophy.

With the right planning and foresight A1 Party can provide the equipment and support to accommodate Southern California’s rainy days.

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