Crisp and clean from the inside out, this setup’s absence of color is a clever way of highlighting  your guests stylish and colorful apparel. Matching white astroturf, white lounge ottomans and armless chairs, white coffee tables, white cabanas, white velvet draping and crystal clear chandeliers. The tent poles and bases wrapped with white velon complete the uniform, all-white color scheme.

Cabanas and soft lounge furniture are a great compliment to each other. Both evoke comfort, relaxation and luxury. Cleanliness, purity and innocence is associated with white. Some cultures correlate the color with royalty and angels are often dressed in white. This color scheme (or lack of) would be great for a bridal party seating area at a wedding reception. An alternative would be to harness the neutrality of the white and color wash the entire setup with powerful LED par can lights.

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